Hunting in "Today's World" 


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Mark Davis

"The Assassin"

Mark Davis has always been an avid hunter, and is a professional behind the Camera.  He was born and raised in “The Sportsman’s Paradise”, and re-located to Texas over 30 years ago.  He has pursued wild game all over the North America, and he brings his passion to the Urban Hunting TV Show.  His work with Urban Hunting TV has broadened our scope of opportunities, and destinations.  His network of insiders, and his knowledge of methods, tactics, and means by which to “Live Life on the Outside” has served the production well.  Mark believes in doing video live, and has often said, “We do it like everyone who actually hunts, does it!  This show is the real deal, and what you see, is what happened on the hunt!  He strives to give the beginner an actual feel for how hunting is, and what to expect in order for them to become more adept at harvesting their quarry!

Steve Sylvester

"Papa Bear"

"Papa Bear" has been mentoring young people in the art of hunting, and introducing them to the outdoors for years.  He raised his own children in the ways of the outdoors, and has tutored generations of hunters in the field.  "Papa Bear" continues his work today as a "Guide" for, and a professional camera man.  "Papa Bear" also heads up the ministry aspects of our trade.  You can find him giving "Thanks" to the Lord for every harvest.

Scott A. Davis, Sr.

The Urban Hunter

     Founder of, Scott has spent countless hours studying and creating techniques for hunting in the City.  He has also mentored many young people in the ethical ways of hunting, and the understanding of keeping this way of life flourishing in today's society.  Living life on the "Outside" is simply a way to engage and embrace life while living in the Urban Environment!